Dune Buggy Performance CV Joints and Flanges

Here at Chirco performance we offer several Sand Rail drive axle kits and individual axle components, when building an Off Road Sand Rail and trying to get more wheel travel is necessary to change the constant velocity joints to a larger joint that will accept more angle, the most popular way of converting any transaxle to a larger CV joint is by using our Sand Rail transaxle Flanges, these transaxle Flanges are available for beetle transmissions to bus CV joints as well as 930 Porsche joints. Most commonly off-road cars are built with a VW bus transaxle’s for more strength. So we also have Flanges for the bus 002 and 091 to the Porsche 930 CV joints.

Chirco performance also offers a full selection of individual replacement Volkswagen beetle CV joints, VW bus CV joints as well as portion 930 CV joints individually, please browse our online catalog for your 930 CV joints CV joint boots and Flanders, please feel free to give us a call toll-free at 1-800 -955-9795 with any questions

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