Naturally, ships air cooled VW Parts Internationally.  It’s not uncommon for us to get orders from 5 out of 7 continents a week.   There was this one time a Penguin from the North Pole tried to order an Air cooled  VW Engine re-Build Kit, but our amazing shipper, Hoyt knew that there were no Penguins on the North Pole.

In any case we got a great surprise this past week.  We had a customer come in and he brought his 68 Baja with him.  That in and of itself is not a unusual, but what was unusual was the fact that he shipped his car to the US from Austrailia so he could take the vacation of a lifetime!

Marc Callwell's 68 Baja Bug

Marc Calwell’s 68 Baja Bug

Cool 68 Baja from Austrailia

Cool 68 Baja from Austrailia

A customer since the build began..5 years!

A customer since the build began..5 years!


This guy’s name is Marc Calwell and I gotta tell you, he was an absolute blast.  It was so cool for us here to see a customer from outside the US and to get to see his car in person.   Speaking of his car…it was pretty sic.  It’s a 68 Baja with a turbo charged 1915cc engine in it.  Marc explained to us that he bought the car with the intention of putting a 64 Baja body on the frame, but the 64 kinda fell apart after he lifted it off its body so he went with the 68.  As you can see the engine compartment is largely covered.  We were told that was a law so people and “roos” don’t get their fingers caught up in engines.  It may be a pain if you break down and you gotta get back there and roll up your sleeves to fix something, but we can see the safety points.  Marc was running Ethanol but switched to pump gas for his trip across America.  The fact that the car is right-hand drive was a big hit here in the Chirco Parking Lot too.  I forget the name of the rims, but I know I never seen them before and it was pretty cool lookin on his car.

Right-Hand Drive...mate.  :)

Right-Hand Drive…mate. ????

68 baja wheel

Don’t remember this wheel name, but I like it!

Engine cage 68 Baja Bug

Engine cage 68 Baja Bug

Nice interior 68 Baja Bug

Nice interior 68 Baja Bug

Marc was in town for a day so we all went to lunch.  He hadn’t had any Mexican food so Tucson had to represent before he got to New Mexico.  We had a great lunch with many laughs.  Air cooled VW people are the best….IN THE WORLD!  The common bond we share through the vehicle was evident.  It was great to share stories and chips and salsa!

Marc took off and continued on his way.  His trip will take many months to complete, and he gave us permission to post updates and follow along as he does what many of us wish we could do.  It was an absolute honor to meet a long time customer from a distant land, and it was awesome making a new friend.

Joe Chirco with Marc in the Chirco Parking Lot

Joe Chirco with Marc Calwell in the Chirco Parking Lot

Chirco wishes Marc the best.  Thank you for making us a small part of your amazing journey.  You have our number if you need anything.


p.s.  Here’s a windy video we made of Marc and his Baja in the Chirco Parking Lot.  Enjoy!!




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