Arizona is fortunate to have so many active aircooled VW clubs in our state. The great climate and great people combine to make great VW enthusiasts.

german toyz at chirco

Jon P. Wood was first to arrive…because he drove like Jon P Andretti.

One of our states most active and happening clubs is named German Toyz. Now, I will admit…I have a few amazing friends within this group so while I may appear to be non-bias…..I’m not (Sup Jon?!! Sup Kris and Sonja?!!) see?

german toyz and

Doug and Faith have a pretty clean car. First meeting. Fun Folk!

german toyz at chirco

Local Legend “John Clevenger Insurance” greets Michelle. He knows when to hold’em and when to fold’em….just sayin. ????

Anyway the German Toyz Club had about 8 members drive down to Tucson to attend a benefit show for a little girl that is suffering the effects of leukemia. (There’s some of that god people I was talkin bout earlier.) The show was fun and I got a chance t go and just hang out with them. After the show they all rolled a few miles up the road to pay Chirco a personal visit.

Fortunately Chirco is open till 4pm on Saturdays and there was a break in our normal super busy Saturday aircooled vw parts selling action.

German toyz and

Gah!!! ???? This is our new Facebook cover pic. Awesome!

german toyz and

There was much talking and shopping.

german toyz and

3 cool cats right there

We had a great time giving the club a tour of the whole place while teasing Joe Chirco about a few things, and also spending some time in the shop. It occurred to me that we are actually pretty lucky to have things like this happen on a regular basis. Our doors are always open to everybody, and especially open to cool groups like German Toyz.

german toyz and

Great visit from some great people.

Thank you guys for coming and down and letting Chirco be a part of your air-cooled weekend.





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