The reference in the title may be lost on some but the story is a great one.

One morning last week when we got to work there was a bay window bus and owner sitting in the Chirco parking lot.


Turns out this fella Vince was on a cross country trip that he had always wanted to take and had just purchased a VW bus to do just that.  He named his bus Scarlett and has a Facebook profile set up for Scarlett and her adventures.


He purchased the Bus in the Bay area (pun intended) and started his journey back to Georgia.  You can see it’s a pretty ambitious trip.



The bus had a fresh built dual carb engine. I think it was a 1600 with dual Solex carbs.   Soon after Vince hit the road he started having overheating problems. By the time he made it to the Phoenix area he wasn’t as happy as he would have liked to have been. Fortunately he made it to Tucson and coasted into the Chirco Parking Lot.

Shop mechanic Bob pulled Scarlett into the shop and went to work.   After diagnosing the problems Bob worked his way through the bus and put her back in great working order. Fixes  included resetting the timing and re-syncing the carbs which fixed the over heating issue.

Note: We have a full service center in addition to our parts warehouse.  If you need work from oil changes to full engine builds, we can do it all.  Call 1-800-955-9795 if you have any questions.


Vince was a great guy and after half a day or so he hopped back in Scarlett and hit the road.
He posted a few pictures on his Facebook page and his friends made sure that Chirco knew they were watching…I mean if he left here and didn’t make it home, what would that say about our mechanics?


Well needless to say he made it home with no more issues. He said it ran like a charm after being at Chirco.  That made us all feel good.

We have a lot of confidence in our staff so we had no worries, for us it was just great to make a new friend and help him get his new girl home.


Absolute pleasure meeting you Vince. You can stop by anytime.


If you have any questions about our mechanic services, just give us a call 1-800-955-9795.  We are always happy to talk and who knows…maybe your cool story will get posted too.

-Team Chirco



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