Sales: I’ve just got to pass this along

I had order a couple of brake light switches for my ’68 Bug in December. I got around to installing them on Christmas Day (for some reason?). I discovered that one of the boxes was mislabeled and I had a 2 prong switch instead of the 3 prong I needed. So I dashed off an email asking how to proceed thinking I’d get a response the next week. Shortly thereafter I got an email back from Joe (on Christmas day!) saying to call in on Monday and that we will take care of it. It gets more amazing. I called Monday morning and the courteous fellow at Chirco said a replacement would be sent right out. OK, I thought, this will take a while. That Monday afternoon I got an email from UPS or Fedex givng me a tracking number for my shipment. When I recovered from my amazement again, I thought to myself “If I ever need another part for my VW projects, guess who I’m going to call first!!”. Truly great customer service in this day and age is rare and should be celebrated!!



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