This is one of those we wish we would have kinda things.  We wish we would have taken pics a few weeks ago.  We wish we would have shot video of seat construction.  We wish we would have taken a few pics before it left and made a quick blog post about what happe….oh…wait….we can do that one.  ????

So…when this car came in to the shop a little bit ago, it was just a shell.  I believe the wife wanted to finish the car for her late husband,  It wasn’t a full paint and body resto, just a build an engine, interior, lights, make it run kinda thing.  Senior Mechanic John did the majority of the work and though his giant thumbs prevent him from tying proper knots sometimes, he really did a great job.  Fast, clean, professional and affordable..The Chirco way.  We call it a Save-storation…from brink to built.

1964 Type 1 at Chirco

1964 Type 1 at Chirco

Really a clean little car.  Body was pretty straight.  Fortunately we had every part needed for this air cooled VW in house at Chirco.

aircooled vw at chirco

The lenses, bumpers, badges, rubber, and running boards were all put on in our service department.

nicely done vw dash

Nicely done dash

Senior mechanic John did a fabulous job on the interior.  He wired up all the gauges, and put all the trim in.  The bamboo package tray is always a nice touch too.

air cooled vw seats

Chirco put together the seats

John used one of our TMI kits for the seats and he installed the seats as well.  We id have a local friend do the headliner.  Came out pretty sweet.

chirco built air cooled engine

Chirco built 1600cc air cooled engine

The 1600cc engine wasn’t built from one of our engine kits, it was actually built from the case up.  The engine purred when John fired it up, and the car drove beautifully.

Sometimes it’s nice to just build a driver, get another one on the road.  It may not win best in show, but this car will be on the road for some time to come.

Shout out to John…great job man!!





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