On July 14 ebay user name 53Ragtop celebrated it’s sixth birthday. Back in 2003 when our www.chirco.com marketing program was in it’s infant stages, we wanted to find a way to reach new targeted e-commerce customers. Joe’s father had been buying and selling his Packard parts with lots of success during the same time frame. So we figured we would give it a shot also.

First we had to figure out a user name. Joe Chirco has a March of 1953 beautiful black oval ragtop that is on display in our Tucson showroom, so 53Ragtop it was. Now six years later,  we have sold over 20,000 items to some of the nicest people we have ever met that are now customers of the Chircoestore. I have to share with you that eBay has some of the worst policies and can be the most frustrating market places any business can deal with, but since their customers are so darn nice, we keep plugging along.

Here is a link to our ebay store – 



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