VW Stock Cylinder Studs

Here at Chirco performance we offer both stock Air Cooled Volkswagen dual port and single port cylinder head studs, our single port head studs are available in the 8 mm stud size and were used on the VW Air Cooled up right engines from 1966 through 1970, previously Volkswagen used a 10 mm cylinder head studs on the single port engines, if you are in need of some original 10 mm studs give us a call I’m sure we’ve got some out in the shop that we can send out to you.

As for our air cooled Volkswagen dual port stud kits these are in the factory 8 mm diameter and come complete with washers and nuts to secure the cylinder heads in place, please visit all of our air cooled Volkswagen stock replacement parts Categories to complete your VW engine rebuild project

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