VW Stock Cylinder Heads

Chirco performance offers these brand-new single port stock Volkswagen and dual port stock VW replacement cylinder heads, it wasn’t that long ago that are shop would rebuild original Volkswagen cylinder heads, The problem we are now running into is that the original Volkswagen heads have been rebuilt so many times that they’re just flat worn-out, they been fly cut many many times, valve guides are fitting loose, they’ve been welded on ect. So it’s just real hard to get a good quality head out of original Volkswagen head anymore.

So this is the the answer to all these problems. these new replacement heads are tooled off of the factory style of cylinder head, so no worries about having to CC the cylinder heads because we know they are correct right out of the box,

These new VW Air Cooled cylinder heads are used on all Volkswagen air cooled upright beetle and Karmann Ghia style engines as well as Volkswagen Super Beetle’s, Dune Buggy’s and Sand Rails that use the dual port or single port cylinder heads, please browse all our air cooled stock replacement Volkswagen engine parts to complete your rebuilt.

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