The Chirco gang has been going to Bug O Rama in Phoenix forever. The game was always the same,
1 Pack up the show trailer with parts
2 Drive up to Firebird raceway the night before
3 Un Pack trailer and never see the show or talk with anyone because you are stuck in a vendor both the whole day while you suck down a $8.00 hamburger in under 8 seconds and get home way too late to wake up the next morning to hear your customers ask if you saw this car or that bus while you are thinking to yourself I wish I could have seen the show.

Well this year was different. We gave away around 500 wheel of fortune prizes by 11am and shut the booth down. The staff walked the show and visited old and new friends. We even had time to stop by the D3 tent to relax and enjoy a hamburger and some amazing potato salad prepared by one of the members.



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