Another holiday season has come to Tucson and you can tell since it is getting down to the low seventies during the day and everyone has there heavy jackets on. The nice little lady has been bye to paint the store window like she always has every year. All of us are fighting for the same days off to celebrate Christmas with our families and take some time off before starting another busy year. Joe is planning another fun Christmas party, I’m crunching numbers to see what my final year end P&L will look like. (Not much of a holiday guy). It used to slow down here at Chirco in December in years past, oh well the days go quicker when I’m busy. I do have a new sand association calendar to look forward to, but I will miss the cool buggy that is on December ’06.
To our customers, I hope everyone has plenty of time to spend with and enjoy their loved ones.
Lets get those feet up on the recliners and admire the symbols of the holidays.

Happy Holidays from Team Chirco



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