Dune Buggy Performance IRS Drive Axles

Chirco performance offers a large selection of Sand Rail IRS drive axles, our drive axles are available in the bus 33 spline in several lengths, As well as the Porsche 28 spline 930 CV joint drive axles in several lengths. Chirco performance is committed to bringing our customers the highest quality Sand Rail Drive axles at the best price possible.

Chirco performance also offers complete axle shaft assemblies and kits that would be used on Dune Buggy’s with beetle transmissions or bus IRS transmissions, these kits come complete with a pair of drive axles, 4 CV joints, 4 Sand Rail CV joint boots and Flanges, as well as CV joint Grease and a full set of CV joint bolts. Please browse all of our Sand Rail performance transaxle parts categories for all your Sand Rail building needs

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