Dune Buggy Valves and Parts

Without working intake valves and exhaust valves you may be setting your engine up for a disaster. Your intake valve in your VW engine allows air to be sucked into each cylinder by pulling that air from the intake manifold. Our intake valves come in many different sizes and will work on different HP motors. If you’re going to replace one of your VW intake valves, we recommend replacing all four at the same time. Also, while replacing your valves, double check you are purchasing them for the correct year motor, otherwise more problems may arise. Now, if your exhaust valves are malfunctioning, your exhaust ports will not open correctly which in turn will not let that exhaust air out. Obviously the more air you can move in and out of the engine, the better the engine will run. Again, the exhaust valves come in different sizes and for different year motors, double check before ordering. If your tinkering inside the head, you may consider replacing the valve guides along with the valve springs. If you have any questions on what you need to get your motor running, please let us know.

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