Dune Buggy Engine Tins

Our engine tins are made to help cool your VW engine. Overheating your engine can cause the entire motor to go bad which would cost thousands of dollars to replace. We offer multiple styles of engine cooling tins that can help prevent that issue from happening. Our tins are strategically designed to to cool the motor by moving air from the top of the engine compartment down through the oil cooler and continuing the flow of the air through the pistons and cylinders. Having these tins installed also allows them to help keep the hot air traveling back into the engine compartment, therefore keeping the motor the coolest it can possibly run. We offer two colors of these tins, a chrome and a black. Between the two, there is not much of a difference other than the color, however, the black one does tend to do a better job at dispersing the heat through out the motor. When purchasing the cylinder shroud tins, be sure to order the correct ones as we do offer both a dual port and a single port tin. In addition to the cylinder shroud tins, we offer the super cool tins which is directly responsible for keeping the temperature right while pushing it over the cylinders. If you need any assistance, please let us know at 1-800-955-9795

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