Dune Buggy Cylinder Studs

Our cylinder head stud kits come in two different sizes. We offer an 8mm dual port head stud kit and also an 8mm single port head stud kit. These kits come complete with the studs and the washers. Our head stud kits are made of very strong chromoly which is the highest quality stud you could use. While rebuilding your motor, it is very important to install case savers in the earlier cases. When the head stud is installed in to the magnesium case, there is nothing to really hold it into place. A lot of times the head studs will strip right out. If a case saver is installed, the stud has something to actually grab on to and it will hold everything in place nicely. If you have any questions in regards to head studs or case savers, please give us a call at 1-800-955-9795.

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