Dune Buggy Camshafts

We carry two different styles of camshaft for the VW dune buggy or VW sand rail. We have a 3 rivet flat style cam shaft that fits all 1961-1971 VW motors. This is the stock replacement came shaft, however it does require a certain oil pump that is designed specifically for flat cams. On this 3 rivet flat cam, the cam gear does come installed. We also stock a 4 rivet dish style camshaft that fits 1972-1979 air cooled engines. Again, this one does require an oil pump that is specific for a dished cam and the camshaft also comes with the cam gears installed. While replacing the camshaft, you will probably want to replace the bolts as they are necessary for the camshaft to be properly installed. These cam bolts has locks built into them to prevent them from loosening up and causing damage. Chirco always stocks cam bearings for both single thrust and double thrust. Be sure to double check when checking out which you have ordered. Our cam lifters will fit all upright engines that are 1200cc-1600cc and/or any large big bore performance engine. Let us know if you have questions, we are always happy to help.

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