Dune Buggy Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Chirco carries top of the line stainless steel hydraulic brake hoses that will fit nicely on your VW sand rail or VW dune buggy. These stainless steel lines use the standard metric male and female ends needed for brake line replacement. All of our stainless steel brake lines are tightly braided to create a strong bond. We carry the VW steel brake lines in sets of four and also individually. If purchasing the dune buggy stainless steel brakes lines individually, be sure to check that you need it to fit a link pin front end or the ball joint front it. Dependent on the front end that you have, it will make a difference in the lines you will need. In addition, if you’re looking to replace the rear brake lines, the steel brake lines will be custom to a swing axle or IRS. Our stainless steel brake line hoses are made to cover over the teflon hoses and are definitely DOT approved. Any questions, please reach out to us at 1-800-955-9795.

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