Back in March of 2006 the staff at Chirco Performance had an idea on how to help answer questions about Air Cooled VW’s for people who view the site during hours our store is closed and launched the Chirco forum boards.  Back then these types of tools were not as popular as they were now a days and the staff debated on will it work or not and will visitors actually use it.

The forums are almost six years old now and they are a major driving force to the Chirco online presence. The forums have been viewed 1,0843,589 times and has almost 3000 members. The staff here at Chirco has been very proud of the support we get from some of our long term forum members who help moderate the forums to keep them organized and running smoothly.

Some of the most visited boards of our forums are;
The Lounge
Maintenance Articles
and the 3 “Ask a question about ,,,” sections.

If it been a while since you have visited them, stop by a take a look and scroll through the 44,500 posts in the 5535 topics that now populate the Chirco Air Cooled VW Technical Forums



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