As I pulled up in front of Rancho, I remembered that I have had my freeway flyer for a couple few years and I love it….matter of fact most of the VW folk I know run Rancho trannys.

Mike met me at the counter and acted as my tour guide.


I saw more tranny cores than I could count. It was pretty cool to see the assembly stations and get a look at the entire process.




Rancho has some of the coolest setup stuff we have seen. They do a great job of explaining how it all works too.


One of my personal hi lights was meeting Bob. This guy is living legend. He has been on the bike and Car scene since way back when. His collection of memorabilia was just awesome.


As a VW part supplier, we value our vendor relationships. Chirco has a long standing very great relationship with Rancho Performance. We highly recommend their products. If you are interested in getting a Rancho transmission, give us a call. 800.955.9795. We’re happy to help.

Great great visit. Big time thanks to Rancho, you guys rock!



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