Sunday morning, 4:30 am I rolled into the parking lot of our store and found at least 30 folks waiting for me to help get everything set up for the show. First let me say that their would be no way to pull of this show with out that kind of support. We had a quick meeting and off to work. By 5:30 am we had 50 cars parked and by 9:00 am we shut down the registration table and we had parked 172 cars that we knew of. After doing a quick walk through we found cars that did not come through us, so the car count was higher.

The whole day seemed to go smooth with an exception of one gentleman that had to be escorted delicately off the property by the staff. (watch the video with the engine blow in it, you will see him.)

The 1600cc engine that was blown up lasted for a smidgen over 3 minutes after hitting RPM’s over 50 bajillion zillion.

It’s allways great seeing old friend and making new ones.
Looking forward to next year.

All our video’s will be on out Media Page. Thanks Lemorris

And the winners are,,,,,,,,,, (Click more)

Club Awards (Big Thanks to all the clubs!!!!!!!!!)
Club             Winner   – Joe Aycock
AZ Bus Club – Brian Bill
DHP  – George Meyer
D3 – Max Stewart and Mike McLean
Lowlife VW  – Shuan Hull
Horizontally Opposed – Mark Reega
Wolfsburg Registry – Howard Minnick

Best of Show – George Meyer
Best Engine  – Mike McLean
Best Interior – George Meyer
Best Paint – George Meyer
Best Sunburned Forehead over 40 – Don Wiggins ????

Best Type 1 Pre 1967
1st – George Meyer
2nd – Frank Cortes
3rd – Gregory Leinenbach

Best Type 1 1968 – 1979
1st – Howard Minnick
2nd – Holley and Larry Gaskell
3rd – Bob Armantrout

Best Type 2 Pre 1967
1st – Mike Jorda
2nd – Tyler Estes

Best Type 2 1968 to 1979
1st – Ira Bennett
2nd – Nancy Axtell
3rd – Brian Bill

Best Type 3
1st – John Clevenger
2nd – Eric Collins
3rd – Jose Santini

Best Ghia
1st – Tom and Jeff Edwards
2nd – Mike Bailey
3rd – Jim Pollard

Best Baja Bug
1st –  Joe and Grace Aycock
2nd – Joe Butler
3rd – Walt Pendleton

Best Sandrail/Dune Buggy
1st – Scott Dooley
2nd – Bobby Jimerson
3rd  – Andrew Isom

Best Fiberglass Buggy
1st – Max Stewart
2nd – Dave Vorhees
3rd – Don Schinke

Best Daily Driver Pre 1967
1st – Jim Sammons
2nd – Terry Skinner
3rd – Ben Reynolds

Best Daily Driver 1968 – 1979
1st – Bob Stenquist
2nd – Eric Colins
3rd – Michael and Mary Griffin

Best Water Cooled
1st – Chris Keaton
2nd – Jeremy Sweet
3rd – Helan Arnold

Best Special Intrest/Trikes
1st – Mark Reega
2nd – Joe Spitale
3rd – Brian Bill

Congrats to everyone who came out and enjoyed the day with us.



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