Earlier this fall Chirco.com was privileged to be the first stop on the Manx Clubs Sea to Sea Safari.

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Legendary car builder, entrepreneur, inventor, international man of mystery and father of the Dune Buggy, Bruce Meyers led the Manx Club on a cross country cruise.

Now…all of us at Chirco know the Bruce Meyers story and we are all aware of his legacy so being chosen as the first stop on the cruise was a very very big honor for us.  Bruce and friends left Southern California in the morning and it wasn’t too long before they encountered some trouble.  Bruce’s transmission went out so they got a little behind schedule.  No worries though…The guys at Chirco hung around and then sent a welcoming party of cars down to the freeway to usher all the buggies in.  What they encountered was extremely cool.  It’s not often that you see 16 super sweet Manxs’ rollin down the freeway.

The Manx crew got to Chirco and had some pizza and stuff while the guys in the shop looked over Bruce’s car.

chirco .com manx parts aircooled vw parts

Unfortunately there wasn’t anything that could be done for it, but that did not stop Bruce and friends from having a great time with the Chirco staff and all the aircooled locals that came down to meet Bruce.  I gotta tell you, Bruce is as kind as it gets.  He posed for pictures with everybody that wanted one.  He spoke to everybody that was there and really made us feel special.

chirco .com manx parts aircooled vw parts

chirco .com manx parts aircooled vw parts

The next day the entire entourage headed out on their way to stop number 2 in Roswell, NM.  It really was a fun visit for us.

Here’s a little video of the Meyers manx Club leaving Chirco.com

All we can say is wow!…and Thank You Bruce!  It was great.




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