vw gift certficates

vw gift certficates

I just transferred some money from my Paypal to my bank account so I could get ready to go shopping for my family. It’s nice to have a tiny side gig that adds a little extra cheese to the household platter. I thought “OK…maybe I’ll buy like a big family gift…a TV…maybe a new table and chairs for the deck with one of those big umbrellas that you have to fight to close on the one day it’s windy here. OH! wait! I got it! I’ll buy one of those automatic vacuum cleaner things so we can teach the cats to ride on it and then we can make Obi-wan Kenobi gliding jokes and laugh!” Perfect!!

Then, I glanced out the window…my eyes got all (very manly) weepy looking at my VW Bug. I thought..”Well…what do I get her?”

That brings me to the point of this blog post. Is it ok to buy a gift for your car? Let’s examine this. (Because clearly it’s totally necessary.  ???? )


What is a gift?

Hmm…ok, so now I guess the follow up question would be: Is my car an individual? I mean if I give my car a Chirco Gift Certificate, did I just give a gift to myself? In the eyes of the non-VW owner, maybe I did, but I don’t live in that world so their rules don’t apply!  Sweet!!!!

Anyone who owns one of these cars knows the answer to this question…YES MY CAR IS AN INDIVIDUAL!!! Now that we have established that point with completely sound and irrefutable proof we can move on to the next question.


Does my car “feel” good when I give it a gift?

We really don’t need to consult any third party to answer this question. Every VW owner is aware that their car is an “emotional being” trapped inside an inanimate shell. Why else would we talk to our cars if they didn’t “feel”?  I know for a fact that when I put my new wheels on my car, she felt frekkin fantabulous!  She transferred her happiness and confidence into me psychosematically and it manifested itself as an increased swagger within my gait. So…Duh! You bet my car feels good when I give it a gift!

That makes two undeniably correct answers firmly established in cohesive thought and backed up by clear scientific data. Let’s move on.


If I take advantage of a sale or coupon code am I decreasing the value of the gift I give my car?

Look…when I use a Chirco coupon code, or buy from the Smokin Deals category I’m actually showing my car that I value her more. She understands that like most of us VW folk, I’m not made of money…heck I’m not even made of loose change. Understand this, your vehicle can in fact read your mind. (note: This is why I wear a mind-wave blocking protective straw hat.) Your VW wouldn’t have “picked you” if it didn’t understand your financial well being or lack thereof to begin with. That being the case your VW wants you to save money….if only to buy more stuff for it…right?

Ok, last question.


What impact does a gift for my car have on the community?

Man…this is easy.

It’s pretty much like magically changing a bag of black jelly beans into RED ONES!! or it’s like getting tattoos in every box of Cracker Jacks you ever open! It’s like eating yellow snow and finding out it tastes like…oh wait…scratch that last one.

Truth be told, though we are all individuals with individual vehicles, our relationship is symbiotic. We influence each other in more positive ways than we realize and really…what’s more positive than gift giving? Giving a gift to your car isn’t selfish, it’s not even shell fish. It’s just a cool thing you can share with your community.  Now…we haven’t discussed prioitization, so don’t think I’m tellin you to not get the Barbie Dreamhouse for your little one so you can buy a new distributor for your car. What I’m saying is take some time, explore our site. If you have a couple leaves left on your holiday money tree and you know how to use a coupon code or take advantage of a sale.  Get that gift for your VW!  The more all of us do this, the more air cooled VWs there will be on the road, and that brings a TON OF HAPPY to the community.


Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!




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